Oyster mushroom reservation form

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Our golden oyster, pink oyster, and Pohu oyster mushrooms will be available around September 1st. We will be at Portage Farmer’s Market. 

Reserve a portion (no payments will be accepted until product pick-up) of our first West Michigan harvest to help us provide the most food possible and enjoy gourmet mushrooms harvested the same day that you purchase them.

Receive 33% off of your next purchase of a half pound or more of our oyster mushrooms as a thank you for your reservation. 

Or, subscribe at the bottom of this page for updates on harvest dates and farmer’s market locations. 

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Wayland, Michigan 42.673684, -85.642945


Oyster mushroom reservation form for business and non-business orders

Reservations only: no payments will be accepted until product pick-up

Free delivery to restaurants within 45 miles from Wayland, Michigan


blue oyster drawing