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Wayland, Michigan

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Wayland, Michigan 42.671329, -85.661087

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We are avid gardeners and aspiring organic farmers with farming experience. Visit our garden gallery to see our quarter acre garden that we started all from seed in 2015 in Howell, Michigan, where we traded vegetables for land to cultivate and celebrated a bountiful harvest.

We recently relocated from Southeast Michigan to Wayland, Michigan. We are now expanding our gourmet mushroom production for farmer’s markets and restaurants on the west side of the state.

Our mission is to provide fresh gourmet mushrooms harvested the day of sale.

Our mushrooms are chemical free. Agricultural lime is commonly used for sterilizing mushroom substrate (growing media.) No agricultural lime is used to sterilize our mushroom substrate!

We aim to cultivate mushroom varieties based on local demand, so feel free to let us know what other mushroom varieties you are interested in.

blue-oyster-filled-in-transparent3We want to thank Andrea Kalajian for contributing mushroom art! king-color-filled-trimmed3